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While talking to a group of young girls all of a sudden I felt too old. I didn’t even realize how quickly time passed by, and from an O level student I went on to completing my bachelors and Mphil. It has not been easy, but it sure has been a fruitful journey. I have learned, unlearned, and relearned things. Life has thrown some unexpected adversities on my family (which we are enduring till now) simultaneously, bringing lots of happiness too. Throughout every phase of life, every process, one thing has been constant – CHANGE. Whether we want it or not, change is what we will get. We will never be in the same school forever, and the same workplace. We will not have the same friends till death, nor will we have the same stimulants for happiness and sadness. Therefore, if we are rigid in accepting change, then we are on the losing side. Change is what makes us learn. Change is what teaches us about life. Change is what keeps us going, because if we were to spend our lives as the same monotonous days, we will probably lose our sanity. We are not a tree or a mountain or a rock that we need to stick to the places we currently are in. God has given us the unique power to change. We can change our attitudes, our beliefs, our positions, our thought processes, our ability to learn and unlearn, our behaviors, and ultimately change our destinations to those we want. If we don;t highlight the areas we need to change today, we would be wasting yet another day out of our very small lives. There will never be the right time for things, we will have to step in, take decisions and make the time right.