It has been these five days that I have felt to the core, how helpless we humans are. Be it with regards to family, friends, relatives, health, wealth, marriages, past, present, or future – we humans are the slaves of The Supreme, The Divine; who controls the universe. I have realized that no matter what and how much we do or try, we can never fix things until it is right time for them to get fixed.

It send shivers down my spine, when I sometimes reflect upon and realize that we have absolutely no power upon anything. Not of any single kind. We are as dependent on Allah, as a little baby is dependent on his mother, or perhaps even more than that. From provision of food, to fulfillment of needs, to attachment and bonding,to finances; everything. Nothing is possible if HE does not order it to be.

Whenever I think about how arrogant, self sufficient, controlling, and authoritative we can become, in the end not a single leaf can move without HIS permission.
Therefore, never forget that its to Him we belong, and only to Him we shall be returned. And all arrogance, all knowledge, all healing powers, all decisions, are just for that Supreme Being.

Try to be as humble, kind, gentle, and understanding as much as possible with our fellow human beings. We never know when its our time to leave.