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Its been a while since I haven’t written anything here. Today I feel the need to write, this urge in me to convey how dreadful are becoming the surroundings we live in. Its a shame for us as humans to have been left with near to no humanity. It brings me to tears when I look around and see humans killing each other for unknown reasons. How the brains are manipulated to bring about such dire consequences. Leaves me to wonder how will all this end? How will justice prevail? How will oppressors be given punishment? How will the innocent be given his rights?

Well, being a Muslim, having faith in Allah is the biggest strength we can depend on. Its the biggest relief we have for all such conditions – Allah willed and so it happened. Definitely, not even a leaf falls without  His permission. But the question remains, what have we done to ourselves that He has made us go through all this? Why have we never analyzed ourselves being the culprits of our own miseries?

Time to ponder over ourselves, instead of wasting time pointing at others.